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About Free State Law

Council 2018

We Strive To:

  • Maintain and enhance the prestige, status and dignity of the profession
  • Regulate the exercise of the profession
  • Encourage and promote efficiency in and responsibility in relation to the profession
  • Deal with all matters relating to the interest of the profession and to protect those interests
  • Uphold the integrity of practitioners
  • Uphold and improve the standards of professional conduct and qualifications of practitioners
  • Provide for the effective control of the professional conduct of practitioners
  • Promote uniform practice and discipline among practitioners
  • Encourage the study of law
  • Initiate and promote reforms and improvements in any branch of the law, the administration of justice, 
  • the practice of law and in draft legislation
  • Represent generally the views of the profession
  • In the interest of the profession in the Republic, co-operate with such other societies or bodies of persons as it may deem fit


  • Enhancement of the Attorney’s profession
  • Safeguarding the interests of the public and the rule of law
  • Responding to the social needs of the public


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